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Chibi’s Kitchen

October 20, 2014 / Comments

Chibi’s Kitchen (ちびの台所), is a fast casual restaurant/cafe that serves authentic home cooked japanese dishes. They specialize in great tasting teishokus (Set Meal) You can also try shopping at their mini grocery that offers imported Japanese goods and unique kitchen tools.

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All New Sicilian Pizza!

October 19, 2014 / Comments

Sicilian Square Pizza with Spicy Sopressata! New offering at Sbarro! Get it now!

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Project Pie

October 18, 2014 / 1 ♥ / Comments

For the second time around! This time with my loving Aunt who wants to try designing pizzas! We visited the Blue Bay, Pasay branch and it’s still one of my favorite branches.

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Enjoy two Double-sized thick crust pizzas for only 299.00! Exclusively for take out. Double Think Hawaiian and Ultimate Special! I really love the Ultimate Special! These pizzas kept my bestfriend and I busy while we’re going home from a loooong roadtrip. :)



More treats and Road Trip

September 25, 2014 / Comments

The same day we went to cravings, we also did a lot of things and more road trip actually. But first and foremost, I fell in love. With Tony Romas Fries. Seriously.

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September 23, 2014 / Comments

Cravings, celebrating it’s 26th year has been a salad and sweets favorite of most people. They already have a lot of restaurants with different cuisines around the Metro and I can clearly see that this restaurant will grow larger and better in the coming years. James and I recently visited the Alabang branch because our good friend is currently working there. :)

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Pizza Hut’s Big Variety Box!

September 21, 2014 / 1 ♥ / Comments

Pizza Hut has a new promo as of this moment, their Big Variety Box! It includes a Pizza, two Pastas, six pcs Wings, and Garlic Bread. All for 549.00! You can also upgrade your pizza and choose from different flavors and sizes! (But yes, you have to pay more) This box is perfect for a small group of friends, 3-4 people. It’s really perfect, tbh. Plus Free Delivery! So call Pizza Hut right now!


My Pasta Recipe x Healthier Option

September 20, 2014 / 1 ♥ / Comments

Let me start of my sharing my new recipe of this so and so restaurant. Penne, Tomato Sauce with Basil Spaghetti Sauce, Sausages, Dried Parsley, Cheese. Topped with Parmesan Cheese for more cheese because, well.. the more cheese the better.


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Adding more cheese in this rainy day

September 19, 2014 / 3 ♥ / Comments

..I don’t normally post cheesy stuff in this blog anymore, but when I do, I make sure it’s something lovely.

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Pancit Palaboks & more!

September 18, 2014 / Comments

Recent eats that made my tummy really happy :) First and foremost! My family’s beloved Palabok recipe. Really one of my favorites because it’s tasty and healthier (no meat, just tofu!).

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September 11, 2014 / Comments

I recently won the Fatboy’s giveway! Wherein they gave me 300 pesos worth of gc’s by sharing my favorite Fatboy’s moment. (Spoiler Alert: It was me and James’ first time) So here’s what I got! Hihi


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Lunch at District

September 09, 2014 / Comments

The other day, James and I decided to have some lunch. At District! It was both out first time there together and he seems to enjoy it! We ate at one of my favorite Chicken place to satisfy my cravings.. nonetheless, Manang’s Chicken!

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Mellow Mood Cafe

September 04, 2014 / Comments

The only cafe I saw that serves Alcoholic Beverages. Period. They’re cool like that! Hahaha. Anyways, although really far from everything, it’s still worth the trip.


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September 02, 2014 / Comments

Quite a cool name, right? I don’t know where it came from, but this Cafe recently opened in Habay which also surprisingly has another branch at Bacao serves Milk Tea, Coffee and Food.

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Pampini Halo Halo atbp.

September 01, 2014 / Comments

If you’re not from the PH or not familiar with the acronym, ‘atbp.’ it means ‘at iba pa’ which means and many more, or most likely means ‘etc.’ Hahaha. So anyways, why ‘Atbp.’? Because besides being a restaurant that caters to a wide range of foods, from Spaghetti to Bulalo, they also have Catering Services! Also, yes their specialty is Halo Halo, but they have more food to choose from!

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