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Mellow Mood Cafe

September 04, 2014 / Comments

The only cafe I saw that serves Alcoholic Beverages. Period. They’re cool like that! Hahaha. Anyways, although really far from everything, it’s still worth the trip.


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September 02, 2014 / Comments

Quite a cool name, right? I don’t know where it came from, but this Cafe recently opened in Habay which also surprisingly has another branch at Bacao serves Milk Tea, Coffee and Food.

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He waited long enough for this. And he’s really happy. He loves the ambiance, interiors, good service and nonetheless, the food! After 48hrs of seeing each other we decided to meet up again for a quick date before he returns again for work.

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We tried their Burgers before, this time we had their rice meals, (Spoiler Alert: we’re going to try their sausages soon too, hahaha) Size Matters never fails to make our tummies happy. :)

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August 12, 2014 / Comments

Cuddle weather has been around for these past few days.. and for me instead of going out, I’d rather stay in and just eat. Besides James brought a BFF Bundle, he kinda forced me to go out after a while. But before that, let me just share the BFF Bundle! With the Mcdo’s New BFF Bundle, besides the burgers, did you know it has another bundle which is good for chicken and rice or spaghetti and of course it’s with BFF Fries! Really perf for a small group of friends. :)

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Bean and Butter Cafe

August 10, 2014 / Comments

Bean & Butter Cafe offers Coffee, House Blend Tea, Ice Blended Drinks, Cupcakes, Pasta, Sandwiches and Rice Meals. Although a bit far from us, it’s located at Unit 3 Lancaster Square, Advincula Road, Alapan IIB, Imus, Cavite, we still pushed through because we wanted to try something nice. From the Bacao-Centenial Road, stop at the intersection turn left going to Kalayaan, went straight passing by Antel, Lancaster and several subdivisions. It’s located at the farthest part of Lancaster Estate, before St. Edwards school.

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Countryside Steakhouse is like the ultimate go to place if your craving for some steak. Why? It’s cheap. It’s delicious. It’s very accessible. It has a wide range to choose from. Speedy service. It’s just my favorite. Period. So me and my friends decided to have dinner after the Krispy Kreme 77th birthday promo, and we ended up at Countryside Steakhouse, Covelandia Branch.

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Trix ‘N Boxes

June 25, 2014 / Comments

Trix ‘N Boxes, a new cafe located at Maliksi, Bacoor (In front of Iglesia ni Cristo) had their soft opening a few weeks ago. Sam and I tried it during the opening, of course and we enjoyed it so much! I just discovered them from my friend’s IG and weekend came in and we went there.

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We were just walking around the Cinema Complex of the Alabang Town Center, until we noticed this little store near the entrance. And it was the best decision ever. We tried, Size Matters! We had 1/2 lb. of The B.I.B., the Breakfast in Bed Breakfast. It has sausage patty, bacon, fried egg. American cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, served in an English muffin. And we had some curly fries too!

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June 24, 2014 / 1 ♥ / Comments

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