We tried their Burgers before, this time we had their rice meals, (Spoiler Alert: we’re going to try their sausages soon too, hahaha) Size Matters never fails to make our tummies happy. :)

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Wear it seven days a week: Corporate Clothing

Want more ideas? Click here.

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Lookbook #141

August 13, 2014 / Comments

One thing’s for sure, I really suck at jump shots. But before you see my funny jump shots, here’s what I wore when I got my Transcript of Records, Diploma and other Certificates from my school. WOhooooo!!! I feel so old already lol Since I’m no longer a student, I can wear short shorts to my old school! Kidding. I just want something laidback and lazy since that’s my only errand for today. Mehehe

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Name: Franz Dayrit
Age: 15-20 years old
Gender: Female
Blog Name: Franz with Benefits
Blog URL: http://www.franzdayrit.co.vu

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Cuddle weather has been around for these past few days.. and for me instead of going out, I’d rather stay in and just eat. Besides James brought a BFF Bundle, he kinda forced me to go out after a while. But before that, let me just share the BFF Bundle! With the Mcdo’s New BFF Bundle, besides the burgers, did you know it has another bundle which is good for chicken and rice or spaghetti and of course it’s with BFF Fries! Really perf for a small group of friends. :)

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Let’s plan a.. Picnic!

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Want to have a bonding for you and your family? If the weather permits, why not have a picnic? Turn your simple mid-day snacks into a total family bonding with some good old picnic! Or, are you looking for new ideas for you and significant other? :)


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Lookbook #140

August 11, 2014 / Comments

Another second time outfit that I didn’t have any outfit shots. So I decided to wear this to church and my lunch date with my bestfriend. It’s sweet yet best describes me. And I will always have an affair with polka dots. I always buy neutral colored clothes or the ones in solid colors so it’s much easier to mix and match. :)


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Bookworm’s Recommendations

  1. MacArthur
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. The Little Black Book of Style
  4. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

For ratings and more book recommendations, visit my Goodreads! :)

Bean and Butter Cafe

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Bean & Butter Cafe offers Coffee, House Blend Tea, Ice Blended Drinks, Cupcakes, Pasta, Sandwiches and Rice Meals. Although a bit far from us, it’s located at Unit 3 Lancaster Square, Advincula Road, Alapan IIB, Imus, Cavite, we still pushed through because we wanted to try something nice. From the Bacao-Centenial Road, stop at the intersection turn left going to Kalayaan, went straight passing by Antel, Lancaster and several subdivisions. It’s located at the farthest part of Lancaster Estate, before St. Edwards school.

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7 movies a week

1.) In Time ★★★★★
2.) Sex is Zero ★★★★★
3.) Sex is Zero 2 ★★★★★
4.) My Sassy Girl 2 ★★☆☆☆
5.) The Naked Kitchen ★★☆☆☆
6.) Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters ★★★☆☆
7.) Virgin Suicides ★★★★☆☆