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Bookworm’s Recommendations

  1. Breaking Dawn
  2. Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous
  3. Paper Towns
  4. Blogging for Dummies

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He waited long enough for this. And he’s really happy. He loves the ambiance, interiors, good service and nonetheless, the food! After 48hrs of seeing each other we decided to meet up again for a quick date before he returns again for work.

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7 movies a week

1.) A Haunted House 2 
2.) Maleficent 
3.) Windstruck ★★☆☆☆
4.) A Haunted House ★★★★★
5.) Oblivion ★★★★☆
6.) Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★★★★
7.) 10 Things I Hate about You 

Loobook #143

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When I first saw Katarina Rodriguez rocked this ensemble during the Lenovo Launch, I thiught, hey I have similar items. The Big question is, can I pull that one off? Well, most people say I did. I even got a thumbs up from Katarina herself. Hahaha *hugs self* What do you think?

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Besides being part of the famous Lui Pios (Champ and Chino!!), Cher Lui Pio, their sister is quite famous on her own ways in the blogging industry. Being the owner of Style by Cher blog which has been up since last year which she likes to describe as ‘own little style wanderland’, Cher made her first appearance in the Bloggers United earlier this year. She sees herself as a quirky curious girl who is a full time dork & classics collector. Also, a fashion enthusiast , ‘live in the moment’ type of girl, happy wonderer and the girl who always loves more. Besides blogging, she’s also the owner of Wild Hearts Manila, which is a clothing and accessories line since 2011.


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Lookbook #142

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These are the days when you feel so really really lazy in dressing up. Come what may. Because I know even if I look like a homeless person, James will still say I look okay hahahaha Anyways, still went matchy matchy with our favorite navy blue color. :) And yasss finally used my new Charles and Keith Bag hihi

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Styling your.. Romper

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These babies are really cute, comes in different colors, prints and lengths and like a dress, effortlessly beautiful. Maybe the only frustration in wearing this is when you’re about to pee. But it’s also perfect because of the shorts bottom, great for outdoor activities. :)


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We tried their Burgers before, this time we had their rice meals, (Spoiler Alert: we’re going to try their sausages soon too, hahaha) Size Matters never fails to make our tummies happy. :)

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Wear it seven days a week: Corporate Clothing

Want more ideas? Click here.

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Lookbook #141

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One thing’s for sure, I really suck at jump shots. But before you see my funny jump shots, here’s what I wore when I got my Transcript of Records, Diploma and other Certificates from my school. WOhooooo!!! I feel so old already lol Since I’m no longer a student, I can wear short shorts to my old school! Kidding. I just want something laidback and lazy since that’s my only errand for today. Mehehe

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